García-Cuyas Lawyers


García-Cuyás Servicios Jurídicos, S.C.P.

GARCÍA-CUYÁS SERVICIOS JURÍDICOS, S.C.P. is a third-generation family professional firm specialized in providing complete legal services with proven experience, tradition and recognition in the sector.   

The firm’s main line of activity, both in its civil and administrative aspects, revolves around building law, ranging from the development of instruments for spatial planning and infrastructures and planning, to the relations of the different agents involved in the constructive phenomenon, using all its human and material capital.   

The law firm has a team of professionals who certify specific degrees in the field of economics, business and urban planning that complement the strictly legal ones, and that allow us to cover with a high degree of specialization different areas of law, such as commercial, labor, or criminal, thus giving wide coverage to the needs of its clients.   

GARCÍA-CUYÁS SERVICIOS JURÍDICOS, S.C.P. also provides attorney services, thereby giving added value to the management of work, coordinated with the different lawyers.

The founding lawyer of the firm was for six years municipal legal advisor to the San Bartolomé de Tirajana City Council, assuming the head of the department, and for twenty-five years, chief lawyer of the legal services of the College of Architects of the Canary Islands (COAC), Demarcation of Gran Canaria, with proven solvency in the management of corporations under public and private law.   

GARCÍA-CUYÁS SERVICIOS JURÍDICOS, S.C.P. defends throughout the province the interests of the insurance mutual of superior architects, since 1990, the year of its foundation, managing the claims of the group in the different jurisdictional orders, in their activity as independent technicians or at the service of public entities and private, accrediting more than one hundred annual judicial interventions only in this concept.   

This professional office assiduously represents the interests of important municipalities of the island and provincial geography, which provides knowledge of the management field not only of individuals, but also of public administration.   

The professionals who are members of this office regularly participate in the drafting of a significant part of the current major planning in terms of spatial planning and natural spaces in the Canary Islands. Likewise, GARCÍA-CUYÁS SERVICIOS JURÍDICOS, S.C.P. has proven experience in the management and development of minor planning instruments for its clients.   

GARCÍA-CUYÁS SERVICIOS JURÍDICOS, S.C.P. also provides services to different companies and individuals in general, which contributes to broadening the horizon of activity and diversifying and consolidating different areas of work, also advising the main property administrations on the island of Gran Canaria on the uniqueness of the sector. .


In essence, GARCÍA-CUYÁS SERVICIOS JURÍDICOS, S.C.P, complying with the strictest standards of excellence, quality and efficiency, represents a guarantee of effectiveness and professionalism in the management, development and provision of compete legal services.